Cathy Brodsky

Certified Health Coach

As a dedicated health coach, my purpose is to guide individuals through their health challenge journey and empower them to lead fulfilling lives. With a deep passion for well-being and a holistic approach, I strive to provide personalized support, education, and motivation, helping people navigate their unique situation to achieve their wellness goals.

With my expertise, your healthy choices will become habits.

My ultimate passion in life revolves around the pursuit of holistic health and wellness. I am deeply committed to both learning and imparting knowledge to others. My goal is to empower individuals with the tools and understanding they need to eat and feel healthier, prevent diseases, enhance cognitive abilities, boost energy levels, take control of their overall well-being and to live a healthy long life. Drawing upon my background in social work, I have realized that integrating nutrition, wellness, and fitness into my own life is the path I wish to embark on for others.